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Sisters ~ I am Beautiful project 2015

Sisters Caitlyn and Brooklynn

so adorable...

 When the girls mother first contacted me it was to tell me all about Caitlyn
 and how even though she had, had some serious medical issues including
 both of her legs being operated on and not knowing
 what her limitations were going to be, she never let it get her down.  
She worked hard with her physical therapy until she was able to do everything she loved again. 
Including bringing home 1st place with the drill team. 

Things happened and several months passed before I was able
 to speak with mom again to try and set up a time to get together. 
She sent me a note that said ~ Caitlyn would love to donate her nomination to her sister. 
See, the thing about Caitlyn is she is always giving. 
Before I entered your contest. I didn't really know that it was about bullying.  

Cait has had to deal with so much in her life and there have been many mean people and many 
instances of bullying but because of her nature she never let it get her down. 
She just picked herself back up and started over.

Mom went on to tell me a few things about Brooklyn and I knew I had to have both
 of these awesome young ladies be apart of the I am Beautiful project. 

You could feel the love they have for each other, their kindness and gentleness. 
Mom and dad you have raised two extraordinary young ladies
 this world is such a better place because of them. 
I wish you all, lots of love and happiness. God bless you, thank you and giant hugs to everyone.

You can read Brooklynn's story here
and Caitlyn's here

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