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Meet Caitlin our " I am Beautiful " ambassador for August 2015

Caitlin is 17
Hobbies: Drill team
Favorite Foods: Sushi
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite subject: Science

Wants to be a Special Education/ Special needs therapist

Hero: My mother, because she takes care of all five of us and is a very strong and loving person. 
Proud of myself for I taking home 1st at last years state meet
 and I have fully recovered from double leg surgery. 

Bullying- People who decide to pick on others for their differences are attempting to make themselves feel better by making others feel bad.
Realization: Throughout my childhood there have been moments when I have
 realized people were mean and attempting to belittle me.
Feeling: I felt upset because I do not like to think I am different than other people.
Help: My parents
How: Helped to make me feel better and continue to tell me I am beautiful. 
They also made sure that the bullies never talked about me again
 If I could say anything to people being bullied. 
I would say to not let other people get to you. 
Inside, those people do not have enough self esteem to make themselves feel sufficient
 with who they are so they are attempting to make you feel like you are less than
 them so they can feel better. You are beautiful inside and out. 

 What would you like the world to know about you:
 I am thankful for the opportunity to help other girls feel better about themselves 
and hopefully make a difference! 
My family has helped me in so many ways and I am grateful for all of my differences
 because they turned me into who I am today. 

Such a sweetie thank you so much Caitlin for being apart of the I am Beautiful project.

big hugs, Cherry

Always remember ~ You are strong, you are brave, you are loved
 and you are beautiful.

 If you know of a child/ teen that would like to be apart of the

please email me at cherrydevereauxphotography@gmail.com

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