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Sweet Miss Kayden IABP April 2015

 Meet Miss Kayden McKenna-Lee
Our April "I Am Beautiful project" ambassador

she is 8 years old
She loves art, cheering, reading and dancing

Her favorite foods are Mexican, strawberries, and carrots and her favorite color is blue

 Spending the afternoon with Miss Kayden was a blast she was smiling and laughing the entire time.

She wants to be
 an artist and make the world a prettier place.

well she is already doing that just by being here.

What are you proud of about yourself ?
 I get straight A's, E's and S's

 Who are your heros/mentors ? 
That would be my mom because she helps me with everything. 
So does my Mamaw.

What does bullying mean to you ? 
It's a very sad feeling about yourself, about things you can't help like my teeth.

When did you first realize you were being bullied ? 
about 2 yrs ago

How did it make you feel ?
 Very, Very Sad

Have you found help in dealing with bullying ? 
No but, an idea is to just compliment them instead of hurting them like they did you and walk away.

What would you like the world to know about you ? 
That I hope everyone will know bullying is wrong,
 please stop bullying, it's a hurtful thing ! 

Kayden asks that we all encourage others not to bully
 and I think that is a really good idea.

Sweet Kayden I hope that you will always remember the fun
 we had together and that you are beautiful
 from the top of your pretty little head to the tips of your toes.
hugs, Cherry

 If you know of a child/ teen that would like to be apart of the
 I Am Beautiful project 
please email me at cherrydevereauxphotography@gmail.com

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