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Meet Miss Olivia Chastain IABP March 2015

 Miss Olivia is 8 years old and loves cheernastics, playing outside, riding her bike

 and playing princess and queens. 

She is adorable, shy for the first few moments, very inquisitive 

and dimples that will melt hearts.
  Princess Olivia

or is it Queen Olivia?

 either one works... Totally adorable
  and she had so much fun playing in my hat box 

Olivia's favorite subject is reading.
She loves Chinese food, mac and cheese, chicken, steak, broccoli, carrots and fruits

Her favorite colors are purple and blue 
Her heroes are Mommy and daddy 
and when she grows up she wants to take care of nature 

Bullying to Olivia means "someone is being mean or not being nice"

 Olivia wants everyone to know if someone is bullying you 
To get away from that person that is being mean, just walk away.

Thank you so much Miss Olivia for being apart of the I Am Beautiful Project
it was so much fun spending the afternoon together. 
Always remember you are beautiful princess..
and I am not that old, said with a big smile... (wink, wink)
 Hugs, Cherry

If you know of a child/ teen that would like to be apart of the I Am Beautiful project please email me at cherrydevereauxphotography@gmail.com

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