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The "I am Beautiful" project ~ January

 I am so honored to introduce you to my first ambassador for the "I am Beautiful" project.
 If you are not familiar with the project you can read all about it
 HERE "I am Beautiful" project

When I put the information out there that I was looking for children/ teens
that would like to share their stories to bring awareness to bullying and low self esteem.
 I was blown away at the response.
Every person that I tell about this project in-turn tells me a story about a child they know.

Today I would like to introduce you to Kristen...

 When Kristen stepped out of the car I was in awe.
I thought to myself what a beautiful young woman and then I thought
 how in this world could such a beautiful child be bullied?
I watched her walk towards the horses and watched as they came towards her.
Now if you have ever been around horses you know they have a sense about them.
They know when they are in the presence of a kind and gentle soul.
I knew at that moment Kristen was just that a kind and beautiful soul..

Kristen's mom wrote me telling me about the struggles that they as a family have been through
 in the last few years with the bullying. How they have had to move several times to try and get
into a school district that would acknowledge the problem and try to help.

Her mom told me how even thru all of this Kristen kept her grades up and even took honors classes.
She told me how the torment had crushed Kristen's self-esteem and has made her timid and shy.

They have finally found a school that cares about their youth and Kristen is excelling.
She has a part time job and she loves to draw.
She shared some of her drawings with me and man she has mad talent.

As I am taking her pictures, I am still thinking to myself why would anyone want to bully Kristen?
As you can see she is stunning.

She is completely adorable, she is funny, she is talented, she is...

There, there it is...
She is not being bullied because of anything she did..
She is being bullied for just being herself and that my friend is what is so sad about all of this..
 That our youth and some adults find it easier to rip others apart
 instead of finding the beautiful in each other.

My hope and prayers are that Kristen will continue to grow and excel.
That she will always follow her dreams..
That she will keep that little bit of rock in roll along with the sweetness..
That one day she will know how beautiful she is and others will see
 beyond her physical beauty and love her for being herself
 and the beautiful gifts she brings to this world.

 I was so nervous about this shoot that I could not sleep the night before.
I asked everyone for prayers, that I would be able to touch this child's heart in some way.
Well the blessing was all mine. My heart was touched in a way that I can not begin to explain.
Meeting Kristen and her mom, the hugs, tears and thank you's that were shared
 filled me like nothing I have ever experienced.

Kristen honey, thank you so much for sharing your story.
Thank you for your bravery and courage.
Always remember ~ You are strong, you are brave, you are loved and you are beautiful.
big hugs, Cherry

 Message to me from mom ~
 I just want to say that I am so thankful for you making Kristen feel so special today!
She absolutely felt beautiful during your photos shoot!
This experience was such a blessing and has definitely lifted her spirit.
I am hoping that her story helps someone else who has or is being bullied.
She just wants people to know that ANYONE can be bullied.
Again, thank you for your time and kindness and for taking on such a project.
 This experience we will cherish for a lifetime!

Please email me if you know of a child or teen in Savannah or surrounding counties
 that you would like to nominate for the "I am Beautiful" project
or if you would like to donate your time or talents to the " I am Beautiful" project
we are in need of photographers in all of our counties.

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