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I am Beautiful Project

 I am very excited to announce that I will be participating in The "I am Beautiful Project"
this project touches my heart on so many levels that I had to be apart of it.

The "I am Beautiful Project" was originally founded by Tiffany Finlay Moon in the small community of Liberty, SC. This project is to help show our youth they are beautiful, they are loved and to bring awareness to their open struggle with bullying and self image. The hope is we will help them build confidence, give them strength and show them they have so much to offer.

Soon after Tiffany began this project many photographers started following her lead. There are photographers all over the United States, Germany and Canada taking part in this project and I am honored to bring it to my hometown and to be able to be apart of it all.

National Facebook page 

You can see Tiffany's work here at  Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany

 Here is Tiffany's story and why she started this awesome project.
 As the founder of the I am beautiful project I wanted to explain why I have such a desire to show our youth their beauty.  

So here is my story...  I was bullied early on in school, because I was heavy set and an easy target I'm guessing. I would go to school feeling okay only to be ridiculed or put down for my size or for not having the right clothes. My days consisted of getting off the bus and crying for a good 30 minutes or so and then trying to move past what my day had been. I would calm down and wish I didn't ever have to go back to school, only to wake up and do it all over again. School wasn't a horrible place and I met some amazing people, but when you have someone put you down daily your self esteem is so low that the smallest thing would break you. I did this for years and suffered with depression for many years. I dreamed of being skinny and pretty enough to be liked, it consumed me up to my 7th grade year when I started having eating disorder issues. I went on severe diets and then would binge eat. I had issues seeing any beauty in myself all through school. Thankfully God kept me centered and helped me to see that this would pass. It took me until I turned 30 to realize that my life I have hated that little girl from my past. Not because of who she was, but instead I blamed her for all the awful things people said. I hated myself, the very core of me is that little girl and if I hated her I could never accept myself for me. When I realized that all those things that people said about me didn't matter, instead I made them matter, I let it go. I started seeing the bright beautiful young girl I was filled with hopes, dreams, and talents. I saw the gifts I had been given and no longer saw the fat, useless, ugly, miss piggy that I had been told by those bullies. I took back my right to live and to love myself. I still see parts of that little timid girl who was searching for a light in the darkness.  I hope that by sharing my story and for creating the I am beautiful project that I can bring hope in a youth's discouragement. To shine beauty on their life and to let them know that this too shall pass. Its only a stepping stone in life and brighter days are coming.

So here is how you and I can help

 My part ~ Every month in 2015  I would like to give away a session with an online viewing and sharing gallery, instant digital download of  images for printing + web sharing. To one of our youth ages 9 - 18 male or female. 

Your Part ~ To nominate someone.. Share their story with me in an email and include some of the things that makes this child/teen so special and what you would like for this child/teen to take away from this session. Consenting adult will have to be responsible for getting the child/teen to the shoot and must be with them at all times.

This project is designed to bring awareness. So everyone must agree and understand I will be sharing the images of each child/teen online through social media and on my business pages in combination with a short story. I will only share in the story what the child/teen and the person that nominates them would like me to share.
 You will have to sign a contract stating that you agree with the above and give permission for the images and story to be used.

So let's get this project started email me at cherrydevereauxphotography@gmail.com 
or you can reach me on Facebook  www.facebook.com/PhotographsbyCherry

I would like to thank Jessica Mann Photography for bringing this project to light for me.
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