Mr + Mrs. Hickman

 I have had the pleasure of getting to know Debbie and Ray
 this past year and was honored when they asked
 me to do their wedding pictures
which I will be sharing more of soon
 We took these one morning after the wedding at The Barn
which is located in a pecan orchard

 They are such a fun, loving couple
I have no doubt their love for each other will continue to grow through the years.

 One of my favorites
Thank you so much Debbie, Ray and Miss Sheila
 for trusting me with so many of your special moments this past year.
hugs, Cherry

Honeymooning in Savannah

 Meet Mr. + Mrs. Weiss from Kentucky.
This sweet couple came to Savannah for their honeymoon
 and I was lucky enough to get to meet them and spend the morning.

 Their love for each other was shining brightly
 even though Savannah had not seen the sun in days.

  one of my favorites

 every time I turned around they were
 cuddling and kissing which of course I loved.

 My wish for Mr. + Mrs. Weiss is a love that will continue
 to grow and shine each and every day.

hugs, Cherry