The beautiful little Miss Zay

Simply adorable
 with an infectious smile
Is she not the pretties little thing you have ever seen in boots
hugs, Cherry

Waiting on baby brother Kaiser

 Pretty momma Payton

Hello baby brother Kaiser this is your big brother Kagen calling

 and I bet he will be reminding him often...
watch out momma's hearts will be breaking..

my personal favorite of the day..
and he is here...
This was such a fun shoot.. Momma Stephanie (Gigi)
 made all the props
The old barn and pecan orchard just added to the beauty
If you are looking to do a rustic barn shoot give me a yell this is the perfect spot.
hugs, Cherry

Liam vs The Cookie Monster = Liam is the cookie monster

I love doing first birthdays, I love the themes the parents use.
 Mr. Liam tasted as many cookies as he could.
Poor little cookie monster got none
he was so adorable with his Pooh
my favorite.. it was just one of those unexpected moments
 dad reached out his hand and Liam reached back. 
Daddy's hands ~ There's always love in Daddy's hands
by the time we got to the cake smash this little fellow was full. 
He played in it a bit but once he found the cookies that was it for the cake.
Happy First Birthday Mr. Liam
hugs, Cherry

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